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Journeyman’s End

Some new work for Feathertale, for a short story by Benson Lee – won’t see stores ’til the fall, but luckily, I have permission to blog it now! Not the new style, obviously, but it was a nice reminder of … Continue reading

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Face Studies Ahoy

I wouldn’t normally post studies, as they’re meant for learning rather than public consumption, but a) I kinda like how these turned out, and b) I’m in a weird place right now where I’m working constantly, but everything is half-finished, … Continue reading

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Noale Smash!

Just a quick sketch to get into a creative mood for some work; maybe an hour. My character from an upcoming Pathfinder campaign. She’s essentially my WoW character, reimagined as an elf… I’ve long seen her as sort of a … Continue reading

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Something Inside

I feel kind of weird about this little series I’ve done here – this is definitely Art with a capital A; something I was feeling, and had to somehow express visually. While I don’t know if others are as set … Continue reading

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Blog 2: The Bloggening

And we’re live again! Apologies to anybody who got spammed with pointless testing posts while I was working on this; the steps I took to prevent that outcome were evidently useless. It’s the Chinese New Year tomorrow, bringing in the … Continue reading

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