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Further Crowcatchers

It’s becoming more and more difficult to do anything but just draw my D&D characters ALL THE TIME. At some point, pretending to be a filthy dead hobo became the highlight of my social life. I get way too attached … Continue reading

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Lyssa & Levi

I recently participated in a couple of art challenges on the Art Order blog and WIPnation. Lyssa, a young, dark-haired female mage wearing white trimmed in gold. Very open brief, and there are some really fabulous entries up. I went … Continue reading

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Here’s a very late birthday gift for my friend Ben! It’s his Pathfinder character, Rain! I am learning to paint armour! Exclamation point!

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Saranya & Crowcatcher

I recently discovered that the D&D 4th-ed character builder now allows custom character portraits. This, of course, meant it was time to DROP EVERYTHING and make some for my characters in the 2 campaigns I’m in. It’s a lot of … Continue reading

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TSA Lifdrawing

I haven’t posted any lifedrawing here in quite a while. These are from a session at the Toronto School of Art, when I was in town over the holidays. (I love Kingston and generally don’t miss living in the GTA, … Continue reading

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World Food Program

I mostly try to keep this blog illustration-only, but I’m going to make an exception to show off the projects I’ve been working on over the past few months. I’ve been working for the UN World Food Program, doing some … Continue reading

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A reminder of my existence

I’ve been working on some incredibly cool design/motion graphics projects of late, but the downside of this is that illustration has (briefly! Only briefly!) fallen by the wayside. The good news is that I’ll hopefully have this stuff done and … Continue reading

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Fan Expo 2011: Damage Report

Fan Expo was four whole days this year, which is why I’m only just now – almost a full 24 hours after it ended – rejoining the human race. Extremely tiring, but very rewarding! Here’s a photo of the booth, … Continue reading

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Supernatural (Also, Fan Expo)

Supernatural has become one of my favourite shows, despite a weak first couple of seasons, a recent season hovering somewhere over the shark, and an inherent goofiness that its endless angst can’t seem to shake. Of course, I’m always up … Continue reading

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Old & New has relaunched! It still needs a couple of tweaks, and five images isn’t much of a portfolio, but I’d rather have a 5-image portfolio up than a dozen-image portfolio in a style I don’t actually want to use, and … Continue reading

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