Blog 2: The Bloggening

And we’re live again! Apologies to anybody who got spammed with pointless testing posts while I was working on this; the steps I took to prevent that outcome were evidently useless.

It’s the Chinese New Year tomorrow, bringing in the Year of the Rabbit, and I’m a Rabbit (1987!) so it seemed right to do an art, to kick off the new year (because this wasn’t ready for January, so I’m going to count this instead) and the new blog.

So yes, here’s the new blog, purged of its archives (although they can still be accessed here), with a brand new layout, feeling all fresh and full of promise. The year I spent doing the dailies had two interesting effects – first, I posted almost nothing on my regular blog throughout the year, and second, it really helped clarify what styles I really love and what I just do because it’s what I’m used to doing. So now I’ve got a new goal – to purge my portfolio completely and start over, different style, new art, fresh start. This is the first step to that.

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