I’ve had a hard time motiviating myself to draw in my physical sketchbook as of late. Instead, I find myself noodling around in Photoshop at 3 AM when I’d meant to go to bed ages ago. Sketching is sketching, I suppose, and Photoshop sketching can get goofy and painterly real fast.

My characters from various D&D campaigns – Deacon the Deva Avenger, Rice the Human Rogue (or Daru Assassin, I suppose – campaign’s based on Steven Erikson’s Malazan books), and Noale who is already on this blog like twice already because I cannot stop drawing her.

I had Deacon on the brain after the portrait, because even though he was from last summer’s campaign, I kind of miss playing the guy. So here he is with the elven ninja child he inadvertently adopted.

And finally, some girls, from a file helpfully titled “Girliedoodles.psd”.

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