Some stuff I did months ago should finally be coming out some time in the next week or two, so with luck there’ll be much less lag between this post and the next. In the meantime, just drawing my D&D characters again. This is Mariel. She thinks that’s a perfectly practical adventuring outfit. She probably wears high heels to dungeon crawl. Sometimes it’s fun to play characters that embody tropes which generally annoy you.

As before, if you want to see updates from me more or less daily – mostly studies – you can check out my sketchbook thread. (Though that link is likely broken as I post this, because CA is down. Should be fine in a day or two.) Also, if I didn’t mention it before – I’m now on tumblr, and have a facebook fan page now, too. If you follow me on deviantart, that’s, what, five ways to find me? SOCIAL MEDIA, WAY OF THE FUTURE.

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