Noale Smash!

Just a quick sketch to get into a creative mood for some work; maybe an hour. My character from an upcoming Pathfinder campaign. She’s essentially my WoW character, reimagined as an elf… I’ve long seen her as sort of a Frazetta-esque barbarian, trapped in the body of a skinny girl from a cultured background, when all she really wants to do is go out into the wilderness and smash some wild animals.

You know what’s hard to draw? Angry, screaming people. Just sayin’.

(Quickie edit and update because her ears were not actually attached to her head, and this was starting to bother me.)

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2 Responses to Noale Smash!

  1. Andrew Galley says:

    Well, this is a pretty well-done angry, screaming person. They look like they’re angry. And screaming.

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