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Kimsokol.com has relaunched! It still needs a couple of tweaks, and five images isn’t much of a portfolio, but I’d rather have a 5-image portfolio up than a dozen-image portfolio in a style I don’t actually want to use, and it’s definitely better than empty space. Hopefully by mid-September there’ll be enough work to actually start promoting myself.

In order to have some actual art in this post, here’s some old stuff I found that I don’t think I ever blogged or posted anywhere. Last year, when I was doing my daily drawing thing, I did a month of these zodiac girls – Western and Chinese zodiac both. Anyhow, for a while I was toying with the idea of a children’s illustration portfolio, and painted up some of the simple vector drawings into something a little more 3D. I’d like to come back to this stuff at some point, as it’s a fun style to work in.

(I love that dragon girl; she’s cooler than I’ll ever be.)

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  1. 你这一张画的非常好,我特别喜欢那只羊,和那只虎了。很不错,非常好 继续努力呀 哈哈。第一次来你的blog ……..0_o!!!

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