Further Crowcatchers

It’s becoming more and more difficult to do anything but just draw my D&D characters ALL THE TIME. At some point, pretending to be a filthy dead hobo became the highlight of my social life. I get way too attached to roleplay characters, oh man.

Every time I draw him, I get closer to what I’m aiming for – just by the nature of revenants’ official styles, this sort of design skews dangerously close to “awesome brooding antihero”. What I’m actually aiming for is “kind of gross”. (This is also the first time I’ve drawn his awful cat.)

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Lyssa & Levi

I recently participated in a couple of art challenges on the Art Order blog and WIPnation.

Lyssa, a young, dark-haired female mage wearing white trimmed in gold. Very open brief, and there are some really fabulous entries up. I went for an adventurous, archaeologist-type. Progress shots here.

And the other challenge, Levi, the Bone Whistle Corpsman. A much stricter brief, and a huge learning experience. That light! Skeletons! That light! The lineup’s here, and there are some of my WIPs up here.

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Here’s a very late birthday gift for my friend Ben! It’s his Pathfinder character, Rain! I am learning to paint armour! Exclamation point!

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Saranya & Crowcatcher

I recently discovered that the D&D 4th-ed character builder now allows custom character portraits. This, of course, meant it was time to DROP EVERYTHING and make some for my characters in the 2 campaigns I’m in. It’s a lot of work to put into a 2-inch image on a page that only I will ever look at, but… no, there’s no but here, it was a pretty silly thing to do. At least they’re sort of portfolio quality?

Saranya, deva invoker. Despite her reasonably elegant looks, she’s actually the party mommy/ socially awkward nerd. She constantly questions the life choices that have led to her attempting to teach table manners to a gnoll.

Crowcatcher, revenant bardlock. He may be a crazy vagrant bent on revenge, but he’s a charisma-based crazy vagrant bent on revenge. Long term goals include killing the Raven Queen. Short term goals include no longer reporting directly to a brain in a jar.

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TSA Lifdrawing

I haven’t posted any lifedrawing here in quite a while. These are from a session at the Toronto School of Art, when I was in town over the holidays. (I love Kingston and generally don’t miss living in the GTA, but I do miss having access to Toronto’s art scene and multitude of lifdrawing opportunities…)

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World Food Program

I mostly try to keep this blog illustration-only, but I’m going to make an exception to show off the projects I’ve been working on over the past few months. I’ve been working for the UN World Food Program, doing some promotional videos for Freerice and WeFeedback – check them out!

Then, the coolest part… the WFP is partnered with LG for a joint fundraising campaign; this video promoting it (and WeFeedback) is showing on the LG advertising screen in Times Square throughout December!

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A reminder of my existence

I’ve been working on some incredibly cool design/motion graphics projects of late, but the downside of this is that illustration has (briefly! Only briefly!) fallen by the wayside. The good news is that I’ll hopefully have this stuff done and dusted in a week or two, and then it’s hardcore illo time. Looking to get my portfolio filled out and promotable before 2012 rolls around!

In the meantime, here’s something I did for stress relief. Some friends of mine may recognize the character it’s meant to be, but honestly it’s sort of an androgynous boy/girl thing. (Meant to be a somewhat androgynous boy, may just straight up be a girl. Whatever, the point is that I like hair.)

Also, I’m still sporadically posting on my CA.org sketchbook, if you’re interested in things like studies, quick speedpaints, and works in progress, none of which I post here.

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Fan Expo 2011: Damage Report

Fan Expo was four whole days this year, which is why I’m only just now – almost a full 24 hours after it ended – rejoining the human race. Extremely tiring, but very rewarding!

Here’s a photo of the booth, shared with the lovely (and, in this case, highly blurry) Yien. (Karen was also there, helping us man the booth. Thanks, Karen!) Yien had prints and shirts, I had prints and bookmarks.

*Not actually this blurry in real life

I had one last-minute new piece: fanart of Tali from Mass Effect, done essentially in one night.

It was kind of an experiment – I used brushes/layers set on Dissolve, so at full resolution it looks like it was done by a particularly patient user of MSPaint. (All Photoshop, though.)

Printed out at 300DPI, it’s a pretty neat effect. I have no idea if it has any real application in professional work, but fanart is my playtime anyhow.

At the beginning of the show, after incredibly stressful prep, I’d decided not to do it again next year. Selling fanart is a little legally iffy, and none of the work I do here can be put in my portfolio, or really used to promote my professional career. But I had a fantastic time, and was reminded why I do it in the first place – it’s really about a love of fandom, and connecting with people who love the same things that I do, through art. It’s great to have somebody who’s a huge fan of something I love just go crazy seeing a print of their favourite character, something that they’d never found through official merch. And I met and reconnected with a huge number of awesome people, at that – people from school, from online… It’s stressful, and if it was about the money there’d be far more productive ways to spend my time. It’s about the love of fandom, though, and I do sure love fandom.

Oh, and the highlight of my congoing experience – I went to a watercolour workshop by the fabulous Jill Thompson, whose work I adore. The demo itself was fabulous; learned a lot, and feel inspired to go back to watercolours for a bit. (They were really the only traditional medium I ever felt a real connection to, and I do kind of miss them.) At the end, she decided to give away the demo to whoever had the closest birthday – and mine was the next day! (That’s the 3rd year running I’ve spent my birthday behind a Fan Expo table. I am now 24. Happy birthday to me!) She also got a look at my sketchbook, and liked it – between those two things, my day, birthday, and entire weekend was made. I was shaking for a good hour or so afterwards. Best birthday gift possible!

Jill Thompson original, aaaaaaaaaaaa

Jill Thompson original, aaaaaaaaaaaa

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Supernatural (Also, Fan Expo)

Supernatural has become one of my favourite shows, despite a weak first couple of seasons, a recent season hovering somewhere over the shark, and an inherent goofiness that its endless angst can’t seem to shake. Of course, I’m always up for a good ol’ Heaven/Hell apocalyptic romp, especially when attractive men are involved, so therein lies my bias.

This took days, most of which was spent on getting a recognizable likeness. PROGRESS.

Also! I will be at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto, this Thursday through Sunday! Hanging with Yien Yip, Rosemary Travale, and Craig Arndt! Come say hi! I’ll have BOOKMARKS. I am making about EIGHT MILLION of them. They are EATING ME ALIVE.

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Old & New

Kimsokol.com has relaunched! It still needs a couple of tweaks, and five images isn’t much of a portfolio, but I’d rather have a 5-image portfolio up than a dozen-image portfolio in a style I don’t actually want to use, and it’s definitely better than empty space. Hopefully by mid-September there’ll be enough work to actually start promoting myself.

In order to have some actual art in this post, here’s some old stuff I found that I don’t think I ever blogged or posted anywhere. Last year, when I was doing my daily drawing thing, I did a month of these zodiac girls – Western and Chinese zodiac both. Anyhow, for a while I was toying with the idea of a children’s illustration portfolio, and painted up some of the simple vector drawings into something a little more 3D. I’d like to come back to this stuff at some point, as it’s a fun style to work in.

(I love that dragon girl; she’s cooler than I’ll ever be.)

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