Saranya & Crowcatcher

I recently discovered that the D&D 4th-ed character builder now allows custom character portraits. This, of course, meant it was time to DROP EVERYTHING and make some for my characters in the 2 campaigns I’m in. It’s a lot of work to put into a 2-inch image on a page that only I will ever look at, but… no, there’s no but here, it was a pretty silly thing to do. At least they’re sort of portfolio quality?

Saranya, deva invoker. Despite her reasonably elegant looks, she’s actually the party mommy/ socially awkward nerd. She constantly questions the life choices that have led to her attempting to teach table manners to a gnoll.

Crowcatcher, revenant bardlock. He may be a crazy vagrant bent on revenge, but he’s a charisma-based crazy vagrant bent on revenge. Long term goals include killing the Raven Queen. Short term goals include no longer reporting directly to a brain in a jar.

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2 Responses to Saranya & Crowcatcher

  1. 第一张不错,第二张我没看出来是什么东西。

  2. Rina says:

    Goodbye to Saranya, and at least Crowcatcher has attained his short term goal! PS you’re awesome at art. I wish I could do art, even moderately well.

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