Something Inside

I feel kind of weird about this little series I’ve done here – this is definitely Art with a capital A; something I was feeling, and had to somehow express visually. While I don’t know if others are as set in the distinction as I am, I’ve always been clear that I’m an illustrator, not an artist – I use my skills to communicate and tell stories, not as a pure form of I-don’t-care-if-you-get-it-or-not self-expression. But this wanted to be made, and so I made it.




So on a pretentious, Art kind of level, this is about creativity – not the kind you sit and work at, but the kind that comes unbidden. It’s about the feeling of something inside that you have to let out, and the ways in which it can manifest – as a violent spill that you can’t contain, as a slow but inexorable growth working its way out, or as a spark somewhere inside, growing brighter until it burns its way through. It doesn’t necessarily mean that what comes out will be any good, will have any relevance, will be something you want to share. All it means is that it has to come out, and what happens after that is up to you.

On a more mundane level, these three each had separate inspirations – the first, the black alien oil from the X-files (although looking at it now, I’m seeing more Supernatural demons than anything). The second is something I’ve tried before, but never quite got right, the last attempt being some time in 2008. The third was faintly inspired by an obscure corner of Supernatural fandom fixated on Castiel and Claire. Because that’s how inspiration works. Or something.

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2 Responses to Something Inside

  1. SY says:

    This is so wonderful. Specially loving the third one. :-)

  2. Kim says:

    Whythankyou! The third seems to be everybody’s favourite, including mine. Now you should post some art, man. =D

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